Running To Get A Leaner Stomach But Not Losing Fat? Here Are The Mistakes You Are Doing

We know how important it is for everyone to have a toned body. Those six pack abs are a dream for many, but it requires a lot of effort to fulfill such dreams. These days internet is full of stories shared by people how they shredded fat and got molded themselves the way they wanted to. Watching these stories give serious motivation to others, but it is an independent effort and your goals can only be achieved when you are trying your best.

When it comes to getting a leaner stomach, people – especially beginners prefer running as it is an effective, easy and free exercise to cut down fat. But have you ever noticed that this exercise is not working? If running is not affecting weight loss, then you must be doing things wrong which is not letting the fat melt down from your body. According to experts, if you are running to lose weight; make sure that you are not making these mistakes.

You Eat Too Much

Exercise is not the only thing that will help you burn fat from the body, but your diet is also an essential part of the plan. According to experts it is a mistake people make, especially beginners. When you start with your exercise plan, your body wants to replace the extra calories lost, which can make you hungry.

If you are thinking that you have worked out and deserve some extra serving, it is a mistake as when you eat too much after workout, all your effort is gone to waste as you regain all the calories that you just lost. You have to be very particular about your diet as eating too much can lead to increase in weight rather than decreasing.

You Are Consuming Too Much Sugar

Skipping food is somehow manageable, but it is hard to resist those delicious processed carbs and sugary treats available in bakeries and stores. if you are one of those who think that eating a doughnut or having a glass of alcohol won’t affect your goal, you are making a mistake.

Experts consider this as a mistake because sugar is not good for health and not resisting sugary treats or processed foods is a big mistake when you are willing to have a leaner belly. Sugary foods spike insulin levels, which favors weight gain and in your case it is important to keep insulin levels low as it will help reducing overall fat content including the belly.

Not Monitoring Your Diet

When you are completely relying on running to shed down fat from the body, you have to monitor your diet very carefully. When we say monitoring your diet, it does not mean that you shouldn’t eat anything, but have a meal focused on useful carbs. Your diet should be balanced as it is essential for progress. Depend more on whole foods as they are healthier carbs like whole grains, protein and healthy fats.

It is not wise to skip meals, as your body needs energy to function and without some nutrients, you won’t be able to run as well. You have to monitor your diet closely as it is important that you only consume healthy carbs. To make your experience better, experts suggest keeping a food journal can help you lose weight as it can help you keep a track of your intake and will identify when you can have extra calories.

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