Reduce The Risk Of Dementia With These Simple Tips

As we grow older, our body gets prone to diseases. Many diseases are hard to detect as they don’t show symptoms that can ring the bells of danger and that it is mandatory to visit a doctor. When it comes to dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, it is natural to worry about the disease being developed. You might have seen how devastating this disease is if someone you care about suffering with it already. The disease is untreatable and most effected find out at the last stage.

If you want to keep yourself safe from this deadly disease, you have to make changes to your lifestyle as it is the best precaution against dementia rather than drugs. With some surprising changes, you can reduce the risk of dementia and have to keep up with the changes to avoid the risk. We have rounded up some tips that you can follow to reduce the risk of dementia. Continue reading to know what these tips are and save yourself or your loved ones from this devastating disease before it gets you.

Start By Consulting A Doctor

Before making some shocking changes, you should explore your risk factors by consulting a doctor. As there are various programs to prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s you should know which program fits you. Consult the doctor to know if you have risk factors like high blood sugar, overweight, poor diet, and cholesterol and etc. your genes have a vital role in identifying the risk of Alzheimer’s. There are certain mutations on a gene known as APOPE and people with these mutations tend to have higher risk of Alzheimer’s and various other diseases.

If you haven’t consulted any doctor yet, you should consult one now to keep a track of the illnesses that have or can attack you in near future. People prefer taking over the counter medicines to cure illnesses, which is wrong. You should make a habit of consulting a doctor even with coughs. It is a lifestyle change you need to make to keep dementia off the border.

Focus On Your Diet

The next tip to prevent dementia is to focus on your diet. You need to make serious lifestyle changes and have to follow the change properly. The experts recommend following MIND diet, which includes leafy greens, olive oil, barriers, nuts and fish. If you have a habit of feeding more on dairy products like butter and cheese and red meat, you have to quit consuming these foods as they are unhealthy.

You can only live a healthy life when your diet comprises of healthy foods that have high nutrient contents to support your system. Moreover, eating healthy won’t just help reducing the risk of dementia, but will also keep other diseases at bay. Other than focusing on your diet, you should check Vitamin D level as suggested because lower levels of Vitamin D can increase the risk of dementia.

Start Exercising If You Don’t Do It Already

To avoid dementia you should start exercising if you don’t do it already. Experts say that regular exercising is an important move you can make to treat metabolic illnesses and it will increase the amount of high quality sleep. If you are aged 30 or above, it is important to focus on muscle health because muscle strength declines as you age. According to a study, there is a strong link between muscle health and brain health and it is recommended to do a mix of aerobic and anaerobic exercises such as jogging and weight lifting.

Making a workout plan will help you as exercising considering your physical condition is immensely important. Don’t lift heavy weights or run long distances if you don’t have a habit of such workouts. Regular workouts will help with other problems like cardio as well. This change in lifestyle is worth making as it can really help reducing the risk of dementia.

Improve Your Night’s Sleep

If you haven’t been sleeping well or have a habit of sleeping lesser hours, it can increase the risk of dementia. Sleeping problems are common as you get older, but making a habit of getting healthy sleep will be beneficial for later years. Try to avoid electronics before going to bed as it will keep you awake and avoid consuming caffeine late in the day. With these lifestyle changes you can reduce the risk of dementia.

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