Here Are The Reasons Why Maldives Is The Most Popular Destination For Couples

Couples are always looking for a getaway where they can spend time together without any disturbances. There are many breath taking destinations in the world where couples can have fun, but Maldives is considered the best out of all. Well, it’s not just beaches or white sand that attracts newly married to book this destination for honeymoon, but the country provides perfect intimate setting for couples, which makes honeymoon different from any other destination.

At Maldives, you can spend quality time with your loved ones without getting distracted by tourists and enjoy the beauty of nature without getting disturbed. Here are the reasons why Maldives in the most popular destination for couples. Other than privacy, there are a lot of things to do in Maldives, which makes it a hotspot.

Islands Are Mesmerizing

Maldives has around 1,192 coral islands and each island has its own thing. It is the first attractive thing this popular destination calls for couples to plan their honeymoon. Some islands are famous for their deep seas fish while others are known for bright coral and colorful reef fishes. The islands are so mesmerizing because of the view, which makes it a worth spending spot.

On your honeymoon trip to Maldives, wake up at a different island each morning and feel special as you have invested your money on the right place. The never ending sea that lies beyond with lush green islands is one of the reasons why couples love to book their trip to Maldives. See everything the country has to offer while moving from one resort to another.

Getting Closer To Marine Life

Maldives is a complete natural spot where you can explore things that seem impossible, at least on a honeymoon trip. As many people love to get closer to marine life, so Maldives is one of the best spot to do that with your partner. It is a delightful experience to be so close to beautiful coral reefs and rich marine life as there is an abundance at Maldives.

 It is one of those places, where you can snorkel with whale, sharks and other marine species. If it is one of your goals to experience under water life, Maldives is the best destination to do it with your partner. It is an amazing experience, which is a must try when you are in the country.

Live-Aboard Cruises

Other than snorkeling with sharks and whales, you can even go on a cruise ride with your partner. It is one of the things you can do in Maldives and make your trip more interesting, the cruise will take you to inhabited islands and beaches, making your honeymoon more intimate. Many people have a dream on going on a cruise and it is the best place to pursue your dreams.

Take A Tour On A Seaplane

Only a few countries in the world offer seaplane rides and Maldives is one of those countries. it is a ride worth taking because it is an extremely unique experience. Take a tour of the country in the otter sea plane and get enchanted by the panoramic view of lagoons, fishing villages, and marine life with your partner. It is one of the reasons of popularity of Maldives and while you are in the country, it is a ride worth taking as you won’t be able to experience it anywhere else.

The Glowing Beaches

The Vaadhoo Island in Maldives can give you an experience of a lifetime as the beach glows blue at night. The sight is something unimaginable, but nature plays a beautiful role in making the beaches glow. Stand on the shore with your love hand in hand and get mesmerized with the glowing waves heading your way. It is a must capture moment and a must visit place when you are in Maldives. It is the only place in the world where one can experience this phenomenon.

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